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Wolle, Stricknadeln und Strickanleitung



ApuntBarcelona is a children’s toy manufacturer based in Barcelona.

We are specialized in baby toys and craft activity kits for children.

Design, quality, originality and respect for children’s development are our priorities.

We create unique pieces of design, funny and full of colors which stimulate

children's learning andthe imagination.

All of our toys are designed and manufactured in Barcelona


ApuntBarcelona has established a partnership with a social charity organisation in Barcelona.

This collaboration represents for us a commitment and desire to support the economic fabric of our local region

and also an aspiration to contribute to the social development of society.

Handmade crochet - Made in Barcelona, Spain.

Handarbeits Set von aPUNT:Handtasche


    Bei Bunte Hand finden Sie originelle Spielwaren und Bastelsachen für schlaue und kreative Köpfe

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